Walking 1100 kilometeres.

Adventures has since long been a big interest of mine. As a teenager, I read the book 8000+, about the Swedish adventurer Göran Kropp and his expedition where he bicycled from Stockholm to Nepal, climbed Mount Everest without any extra oxygen, and then bicycled back to Sweden.

After reading that, I have always had a goal of doing big expeditions myself. So when I lost my job during the corona pandemic, I saw a great opportunity to take a few months off and do something exciting.

While the distance between Stockholm and Malmö with car is approximately 650 kilometres, I intend to be on hiking trails and smaller roads, which will add up the kilometres and end up around 1100 km. 

To make the hike a bit more meaningful I decided to use this opportunity to raise awareness around the corona pandemic for the refugees. Although many of us are struggling, it cant be compared to the situation for many of the refugees around the world. The corona pandemic has hit the refugees with unforgiving force. This is my way of contributing. 

I hope to raise 100 000 SEK during this two-month-long adventure. Where all donations will go straight to UNHCR.

You can follow my process on my Youtube channel and here on the website.

Are you interested in helping out in other ways or join me on my hike? Please read more about how to get involved here.


Rasmus Fridberg